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About Us

Welcome to Al-Qadir Quran academy

Al-Qadir Quran Academy is the leading international online Quran and Islamic teaching academy for the Muslims of all over the world. It is working under the supervision of Al-Qadir Trust Pakistan which is working on many Islamic education projects and welfare projects. Our main aim is to provide recitation of Quran with proper Tajweed and understanding from our trained and experienced teachers. We have arranged a course outline for learning Quran and Islamic education in short time period with extensive methods.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide true message of Quran and hadees to our Muslim brothers and sisters living in foreign countries.

Our Vision

To build the relationship with our Muslim family till the achievements of meaning of Quran and practical obligations of Islam.

Teaching Faculty:

Our teachers are highly trained and qualified for the online Quran teaching and they are currently teaching Quran classes in Jamia’s of Al-Qadir Trust, Pakistan. our all Female and male teachers are alim-deen and have great knowledge of Qur’anic pronunciation and meaning. They have productive techniques and skills to teach Quran in highly achievable methods. Our female teachers have great knowledge of Quran tajweed and tarteel rules and they also know the meaning of Qur’anic words.

Why choose us?

Al-qadir quran academy is the leading online institute of islam and quran teaching which is working under the supervision of Al-Qadir trust. Our teachers are hafiz and alim-e-deen with great experience in practical Islamic teachings. They are currently teaching in different departments of Islam in different institutions in Pakistan. our teachers are trained and experienced for the Islamic teachings. We have comparable less fee charges and give family discounts to two or more children. We provide scholarships to poor children from under developing countries. We have trained and experienceable female tutors for female students. We provide certificates to our students on completion of any course.