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Once upon a time, in a far-off desert, there lived an ant colony. The ants were diligent creatures, working tirelessly to gather food for their community. Among them was a particularly wise ant named Amina.

One scorching day, as Amina was out foraging for food, she came across a small puddle of water. It was a precious find in the arid desert, but there was a problem. The water level was rapidly decreasing, and soon it would be gone, leaving nothing for the ants.

Amina, however, had unwavering faith in the guidance of Allah (SWT). She believed that if they continued to work diligently and trust in Allah’s wisdom, a solution would come. She returned to the colony and shared her discovery with the other ants.

Instead of panicking, the ants decided to place their trust in Allah (SWT) and continued their diligent work, even though the water seemed to be running out. Amina led the colony in prayers, asking for Allah’s guidance and assistance.

Days passed, and their water source was almost entirely depleted. Just when it seemed hopeless, a sudden rainstorm descended upon the desert. It was a true miracle! The rainwater filled the puddle and provided an abundance of water for the ant colony.

Amina and her fellow ants were overjoyed and humbled by this divine intervention. They realized that their unwavering faith and dedication to their work had been rewarded by Allah (SWT).

This story teaches us a valuable lesson about faith and trust in Allah’s wisdom. Just like the ants, we should continue to work diligently, have patience, and maintain faith in Allah, even when faced with challenging circumstances. Miracles can happen when we least expect them, and Allah is the best of planners.

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