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The Quran is the speech of Allah in the Arabic language. People who strive to learn Quran are the most fortunate people on the earth because they are striving to understand the most profound source of knowledge in the whole universe in the words of Creator of all the worlds! That is why proper Tajweed is obligatory while learning how to read Quran. With the rules of tajweed, you can learn and read Quran in a better way.

Since the Quran is the speech of Allah, Subhan a Hu WA Ta’alah, it is extremely necessary to pronounce the Arabic words of the Quran exactly, accurately, and correctly, so that their meaning is not distorted, nor any disrespect caused to the Lord of all the worlds, due to mispronunciation.

The art of correctly pronouncing the Arabic letters and words of the Quran is called ‘Tajweed’. It is recommended that students who want to learn Quran begin their lessons with the Noorani Qaida which is one of the best sources of teaching tajweed.

The Noorani Qaida helps in learning the proper pronunciation of Arabic words, their proper articulation, proper inflection, proper accent, emphasis on letters and words at the right time and place, as well as recitation at the proper pace.

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