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It is the duty of every Muslim to learn the Quran. Similarly, it is of great importance for Muslim parents that they teach their kids to read Quran from an early age so this becomes a habit for life. It is easier for kids to learn new things at an early age and this applies to learning the Holy Book as well. There are many online Quran for kids Institutes which are providing quality Islamic education.

However, non-Arabic speaking children will find learning Quran more difficult as compared to children who speak Arabic as their native language.

The most basic issue to address is the correct pronunciation of verses in the Quran. This cannot be done unless the child is under the guidance of a learned Quran teacher. Furthermore, consistency also pays a great role in properly learning the Quran. Daily reading of the Holy Quran will make it a habit and practice. Both of these things are already taught in western education system.

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